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Nachname Diehr Titel Univ.- Prof. Dr.
Vorname Bärbel
Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltungen Semester
201ANG003430 Bilingual Studies Abroad (Part II) (Block Seminar) SoSe 2020
201ANG003432 BFP_Talking Pictures - Language Learning at the Museum or the Art Gallery SoSe 2020
201ANG003436 Integrating the UN's SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into foreign language education SoSe 2020
201ANG003437 New stories and fake news in the EFL class (intermediate and advanced EFL learners) SoSe 2020
201ANG003438 See for yourself. The theory and practice of teaching English with film SoSe 2020
201ANG003453 TEFL Teammeeting SoSe 2020
201ANG003457 PrimA Einzeltermine SoSe 2020
201ANG003470 Mündliche MAP SoSe 1. Korridor Gr.1 SoSe 2020

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